Sunday, March 24, 2013


Zach is a tall, lanky fellow. His design is that of an elongated rectangle. Despite his imposing height, Zach is a charming person, who is more than willing to bend down to talk to anyone.

Zach and Ollie are very similar in temperament as both are constantly smiling, unfailingly polite and always looking on the bright side. However, of the two, Zach is probably a little more emotional. When something goes wrong, he’s the one more likely to start doubting himself and his abilities. He’s a little younger than Ollie and is a little more na├»ve. He doesn’t understand the ways of the world quite like Ollie yet. Because of this, he’s the more eager of the two and will give any idea the old college try.

When it comes to dealing with folks and their problems, Zach always has more of a brotherly relationship with the person. Ollie’s interactions tend to be more of the fatherly variety.

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