Sunday, March 24, 2013

Concept Treatment

“Zach & Ollie” is about two relentlessly positive, abstract creatures. Nothing ever seems to bother them or get in their way. Why? Because they don’t doubt anything. If they believe they can do it, then they can do it. Zach and Ollie never give up because they believe there is always a solution to a problem, no matter how obscure or bizarre. The two of them live in a wonderfully stylized and trippy world. There are no humans here, just characters based around shapes. Everything is light and colorful. Even the darkest nights are warm and inviting.


Zach is a tall, lanky fellow. His design is that of an elongated rectangle. Despite his imposing height, Zach is a charming person, who is more than willing to bend down to talk to anyone.

Zach and Ollie are very similar in temperament as both are constantly smiling, unfailingly polite and always looking on the bright side. However, of the two, Zach is probably a little more emotional. When something goes wrong, he’s the one more likely to start doubting himself and his abilities. He’s a little younger than Ollie and is a little more na├»ve. He doesn’t understand the ways of the world quite like Ollie yet. Because of this, he’s the more eager of the two and will give any idea the old college try.

When it comes to dealing with folks and their problems, Zach always has more of a brotherly relationship with the person. Ollie’s interactions tend to be more of the fatherly variety.


Ollie is a round British bloke. He speaks with a charming Cockney accent and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Zach may tower over Ollie, but Zach looks up to him. Conversely, Ollie admires Zach’s youth and spunk.

Ollie is older than Zach so he has more of an aged wisdom to him. But despite his experience, Ollie’s as optimistic as ever. If anything, he’s more optimistic than Zach. He’s seen all the wonders of the world and what’s possible in life. If Zach believes anything is possible, Ollie knows it. He’s remarkably perceptive and, if Zach throws out a hundred ideas wildly, Ollie usually picks one really good one.

This worldly knowledge does tend to leave Ollie a little overconfident, but thankfully Zach is always around to bring him back down to earth.

Story Ideas

Idea #1

Zach and Ollie are walking near the sea side, wondering what they’re going to do today. Zach thinks it might be fun to cool off in the water and Ollie agrees. As the two of them head down to the ocean, they come across a sad man, Robby, standing right on the edge of the sandy beach. They ask him what’s wrong, and the man explains that the sand is too hot for him to walk on. The sand is so hot there’s no way he could make it to the ocean without his feet catching on fire. Zach touches the sand with his finger, which quickly causes it to ignite in flames. He confirms that Robby is telling the truth.

Concept Art

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